Vibration Therapy

Vibe Therapy is part of the neuropathy treatment that Dr. Yadira Santiago offers at Altmedical Clinic. Below are a few of the most therapeutic effects peripheral patients receive utilizing vibration neuropathy therapy without drugs or surgery. The vibes’ specific vibrational frequency stimulates and promotes the healing of damaged soft and hard tissues. The vibration therapy increases circulation, stimulates damaged nerve fibers, improves flexibility, increases muscle strength, improves bone density, and stimulates the lymphatic system to remove waste.


Vibration Therapy benefits

Health nerves receive oxygenated blood and nutrition through microscopic capillaries. Damage and/or obstruction to these small blood vessels as a result of high blood sugar, toxins, mechanical entrapment restricts the transfer of oxygen and nutrition to the nerve cells causing nerve cell death.

Diabetic patients are at a very high risk because these small capillaries of people with diabetes can become obstructed when a large amount of glucose fills the bloodstream. This glucose obstruction prevents the nerve tissues from receiving the nutrients and oxygen needed for health functioning nerves.

Anyone who has damaged their peripheral nerves from diabetes, chemotherapy, prescription and over the counter medications, industrial/military toxins, and/or alcohol can be at risk for needing treatment for peripheral neuropathy.

How vibration therapy help neuropathy patients

Currently, Conventional medicine does not have a cure for people who suffer from peripheral neuropathy. Patients are prescribed powerful medications (painkillers, antidepressants, antiseizure) that do not treat the cause of the damaged peripheral nerves causing the pain, numbness, discoloration, cramping, restless legs, and balance issues.  

Dr. Yadira Santiago utilizes specialized treatments designed to improve the supply of oxygen, eliminate waste, and improve nutrition to damaged nerves. Using this therapy you will increased circulation to the damaged peripheral nerves combined with treatments to stimulate peripheral nerve cell regeneration, and repair. 

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